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How we work

All the decisions we make and actions we take will be in line with one or more of the following:

The people’s priorities

Our work will be driven by the concerns of people in Wales and we’ll work with individuals and community groups to identify them.

Representative of everyone

We want to support and understand the concerns, needs and experiences of our diverse population to make sure everyone is represented, no-one is excluded and our services are available to all. 

We are particularly keen to represent the views of those whose voices are not normally heard. If you believe you can help us reach people who you know are underrepresented, please get in touch.

Please read our Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Policy

Collaborative partnership

We want to work together with people, the health and social care sector and the voluntary and community sectors.

Please get in touch if we’re not already working with you and you think we should be.


We’re not part of the Welsh Government, or the health and social care sector. That’s important because it means we can genuinely work in the interests of the people of Wales.

Influence and advocacy

We will influence the health and social care sector and advocate for people effectively so that people in Wales get the services they need in a way that works best for them.

Good governance

We will have clear plans and priorities with outcomes we can measure to ensure we make the most of our resources and are transparent and accountable.

Governance documents

This Framework Document has been developed taking into account the Welsh Government Model Governance Framework for use with public bodies classified to the central government sector for national accounts purposes or classified for administrative purposes as either Welsh Government Sponsored Bodies, Non-Ministerial Departments, Executive Agencies, Estyn, Education Workforce Council, or another public body (except for Welsh Government owned companies) whose remit is set by Welsh Ministers.

Our Framework Document

The Annual Report and Accounts have been prepared in accordance with the Welsh Government Accounts Direction and the 2022-23 Government Financial Reporting Manual (FreM). The Accounts Direction for 2022/23 included reduced reporting and disclosure requirements reflecting that Llais was not operational in 2022/23.

Annual Report and Accounts 2022-23

Welsh Ministers issue remit letters to all Welsh Government Sponsored Bodies (WGSBs), such as Llais. The remit letter sets out the Government’s key policy aims, its expectations on Llais in the year ahead and its budget allocation. Llais has its own individual Framework Document, adapted from a central template. This is the agreement setting out the terms and conditions under which public funding is provided. The Framework Document takes account of the particular circumstances of the individual body, including its primary role and objectives under its governing document and statutory obligations under UK and Welsh legislation. Clear roles and expectations for everyone involved in the sponsorship relationship (including Ministers, Chairs, Boards, Chief Executives, Accounting Officers, sponsorship departments and auditors) are set out in the document. 

The Minister for Health and Social Services wrote to the Chair of the Llais Board on 31 March 2023 issuing the remit letter for 2023/2024 and the framework document. 

Read the full remit letter

We want everyone living in Wales to know who we are, what we do and the difference we make. 

We want our activities and services to be easy to find out about.

We want everyone to be able to access our services and share their views and experiences with us easily, in the way that best meets their individual needs.

Read our full Accessibility Statement

In publishing our 100 day plan we want to highlight our commitment and drive to take early actions that will help make a real difference to people and communities in all parts of Wales. We will champion their rights and expectations to be able to access the health and social care services they need in the way they need it.

Read our full 100 day plan

In publishing our 100 day plan we want to highlight our commitment and drive to take early actions that will help make a real difference to people and communities in all parts of Wales. We will champion their rights and expectations to be able to access the health and social care services they need in the way they need it. 

Read the easy read version

This is statutory guidance for how NHS bodies and local authorities may deal with a representation made to them by Llais.

We will listen to what people have told us and then represent those views, or make representations on matters which have come to its attention by any other route, to those responsible for providing and arranging health and social services.

Representations should help ensure that the voice of citizens and service users is heard alongside that of professionals when making decisions about the development, improvement, change or cessation of health and social care services.

Read the guidance

This is guidance for NHS organisations on how they can make changes to health services in Wales. This aims to give NHS organisations guidance and prompts on issues to consider as they approach changes to services. 

Read the guidance

The Welsh Government asked us what we thought of its document “Code of practice on access to premises and engagement with individuals”.  This document says how we should work together with the NHS and local authorities when we visit premises to talk to people about their health and social care services. 

We asked for some changes to the document. The Welsh Government thought about what we said, and made some changes.

Take a look at all the documents

The Principal Accounting Officer for the Welsh Ministers has delegated to me responsibility for ensuring appropriate Accounting Officer designations are made in relation to Welsh
Government Arm’s Length Bodies (ALBs) who work in partnership with the Health and Social Services Group of Welsh Government. 

The Designation Letter

Available in October 2023

Available soon

Available soon

We are required to meet certain duties under the Welsh Language (Wales) Measure 2011 as a public body. Welsh is an official language in Wales and should be treated no less favourably than English. 

The Welsh Language Standards 2016 mean that as an organisation and as an employer we have the responsibility of making sure that anyone can speak with us in Welsh and that we continue to encourage use of the Welsh language.

Our Compliance Notice from the Welsh Language Commissioner can be found here:

Compliance Notice