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Priority 04: Speak up to help keep people safe when things aren’t right

Well-being and Future generations ways of working that will be reflected in this work are: 
Collaboration // Involvement // Prevention

To make this happen we will:

Use what we hear through our activities to understand how the new Duties of Candour and Quality are working to improve the care and experience of those needing health care. 

Develop how we use data and information to work together and with our partners in Wales and across the UK to identify, share and act on concerns about the safety of individuals and services.

Develop the links between our complaints advocacy service, our other activities, our plans and reports and wider developments like the Duties of Candour and Quality.

Agree new ways of working and partnership arrangements between our Complaints Advocacy Service and the Public Services Ombudsman Wales.

Review and develop our complaints advocacy service and support our people to develop their practice.

What could success look like?

Our people are more confident about the introduction of the Duties of Quality and Candour and we are able to feedback to service providers and Welsh Government on how the duties are affecting people across Wales

Identify and speak up on early warning signs about the safety of individuals or services so that others can act quickly

People have the best chance of getting the answers they need and health and social care services get better as a result


>> Priority 05: Build a strong voice in social care in Wales