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Priority 03: Make it easy to connect with you and our partners, by being accessible and inclusive

Well-being and Future generations ways of working that will be reflected in this work are: 
Collaboration // Integration // Involvement 

To make this happen, we plan to:

Create new approaches, tools and ways of engaging and communicating to learn as much as we can about how services work for you.

Develop our strategic equality plan in a way that makes equity, diversity
and inclusion run through everything we do.

Get ready to work with a common set of standards so that people in all parts of Wales can work for and with us easily and consistently in the Welsh language.

Improve our people’s knowledge, understanding and confidence working with under represented communities.

Make sure equity, diversity and inclusion is everyone’s business. Provide support in each region and bring people together to share ideas and learning so that we think about, identify and act wherever we find barriers to equity, diversity and inclusion in all that we do.

Take steps to understand and increase the diversity of our people so we better reflect our diverse communities across Wales.

Get better information and use it to understand the diversity and representation within local communities as a starting point for building and increasing our on-going connections with under represented groups – so we can help to make sure everyone’s voice is heard by decision makers.

Build an understanding of what we need to do more of, or differently, so
that we build trust as an organisation that is anti-racist and where disabled people, LGBTQIA+, and people with different communication needs feel welcomed, comfortable and valued through their involvement in our work.

What could success look like?

Our strategic equality plan provides us with practical opportunities to act on our commitment to making equity, diversity and inclusion run through everything we do.

We can show how we’ve thought about how our plans and decisions may impact people and what we need to do to make the most positive difference.

Our people start to feel they have what they need to help them easily connect, building an understanding and make an impact to meet the different needs of our people and communities across Wales.

The people we work with know and feel that they can connect in the way they want, feel listened to and know what difference their involvement has.

We can show how we have started to build relationships with diverse communities across Wales so that we can actively reach and involve them in what we do.

Our policies, procedures and guidance promote and help to make sure we take a fair, accessible and inclusive approach in everything we do.


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