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Llais encourages and supports people to have a voice in the design, planning and delivery of NHS and social care services.

Share your feedback with us to let us know your experiences, and how you feel NHS and care services are getting on. Your feedback will help make a difference.

Our national reports set out what we have heard and what people think about services across Wales.  

They WILL be about the things you have told us matter to you.

Some of these reports were produced by Community Health Councils.

From 1 April 2023 Llais replaced the seven Community Health Councils who have represented the interests of people in the NHS in Wales for almost 50 years.

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Making a complaint about us - Procedure

At Llais, your voice in health and social care, we aim to give the best possible service to everyone we provide a service to or work with.  We also know that we may not always get things right.  If this happens, it is important that you tell us about it as soon as possible, so that we can take action straight away.

We are committed to dealing effectively with any concerns or complaints you may have about our services or the way we carry out our activities. We aim to clarify any issues you may be unsure about. If possible, we’ll put right any mistakes we may have made and seek feedback from you on how we did. 

Wherever possible, we will provide any service you’re entitled to which we have failed to deliver. 

If we did something wrong, we’ll say sorry and, where possible, try to put things right for you.  We aim to learn from our mistakes and use the information we get from concerns and complaints to improve our services.