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Bamidele Adenipekun

Non-Executive Member

I live in Swansea with my daughter and I am an author, coach, and a health equity and wellbeing consultant. 

I am particularly passionate about tackling health inequities, equipping women to thrive after cancer and helping leaders to boost workforce resilience.

I believe that everyone deserves to be heard, understood and thrive no matter their life circumstances.

I have used my personal experience and expertise to create bespoke training content for healthcare professionals on improving healthcare provision. 

I am also a researcher, Patient Teaching Partner and Visiting Lecturer at Cardiff University. I advise on research projects and teach on patient-centred care, focusing on what constitutes poor versus good healthcare provision. 

I love giving back and I do this through various roles and positions, including: 

Ambassador for Maggie's Cancer Centres and Media Volunteer for Cancer Research UK. I was previously a Public Health Volunteer for Breast Cancer Now – a role I undertook for 7 years.

One of my favourite mantras is: "I am here to make things better". 

I plan to use my skills, expertise and personal experiences to support the development of Llais and its functions.

Bamidele Adenipekun Llais Board Member